Rumor: Did Tom Cruise Promise To Make Katie Holmes “A Big Star”?

According to In Touch Weekly, the once perky and bubbly Katie Holmes has been “left devasted” after her husband Tom Cruise failed to make her “a big Hollywood star” as he promised her almost seven years ago when the two first met. Sources close to Katie say the actress is feeling the strain of their marriage and is exhausted with having to keep up with him and his career while she is forced to stay in the background. Here’s what the mag writes:

As Katie Holmes walked around a bustling New York City on April 26, she hardly looked like the beaming starlet who accepted Tom Cruise’s romantic marriage proposal just a few years ago. “She looked really tired,” an onlooker tells In Touch of the gray-speckled 33-year-old. “She seemed sad.”

Indeed, katie doesn’t have much to smile about these days, as her husband, TomCruise, reignites his career — and fogets the promise he made to help make his wife a big star. While Tom works nonstop — he just finished filming Oblivion in New Orleans and is promoting Rock of Ages — dedicated mom Katie looks after their 6-year-old daughter, Suri. “Katie thought that being married to a huge star like Tom would open doors for her,” says a source, although both stars’ reps obviously deny the story. “But she’s not being offered the roles Tom vowed to get her.” Now she feels neglected. “This isn’t the life she signed up for, and she feels depressed.”

I’m not sure how true this story is, but I guess we can agree that Katie has seen better days. There’s no doubt that she’s a talented actress so hopefully her career will pick up soon. Almost everyone in Hollywood has their ups and downs when it comes to the movies they make. Keep your head up high, Katie!





  1. maria says

    i think 50% of celebrity marriages are pretty much contracts. they just get so much publicity that they end up being hooked up by the publicists. but i think the most tom cruise can do for katie holmes is introduce her to people and get her publicity. he cant go to auditions for her or force ppl to hire her. that would be wrong. she got the role in batman begins and she turned down the sequel. shes been on broadway. thats more than her co-stars dawon and the other guy are doing. who knows? maybe she would be like them right now if it wasnt for tom cruise. she’s financially stable and has a beautiful healthy girl. be happy. and taking care of her household cant be that hard. shes got to have maids and a baby sitter.

  2. Bob Johnson says

    I think that it is all the stress of being married to a controlling little guy who is involved in an evil cult. That and also that Suri is actually Joshua Jackson’s kid.

  3. says

    exhausted with having to keep up with him and his career while she is forced to stay in the background. Here’s what the mag writes: