Katie Holmes & Suri Hang Out

Tom Cruise is still busy filming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so Katie Holmes and Suri are making the best of it in New York City, hanging out together. The mother-daughter duo were spotted going out for some pizza and taking a walk through Union Square.

They look like they’re doing okay while Dad’s away! I wonder if they plan on going back to Louisiana to see Tom again? If so, they better get down there soon, before the summer heat really kicks in.


Photos by Teach/FameFlynet




  1. dee cee says

    A beer goes straight to her legs..? She doesn’t have to impress Tom.. so she’s not worried and the dancing, gym suffering is kind of letting her down.. lay off the cupcakes and sweet treats with your daughter huh? Why does she find it fun to dress in the dark using the laundry hamper?

  2. CKnows says

    Ugh. She just has the very worst body ever. I’m so tired of seeing this beast. Kill it with fire!