Valerie Bertinelli’s Getting Ready To Wear That Green Bikini Again

Remember when Valerie Bertinelli rocked a green bikini for People three years ago? (You can see a picture here). Well, she’s getting ready to do it again.

“The green bikini is in my drawer just waiting for me to put it back on. When these 5 lbs. come off, then I will put that back on. It’s like the 5 lbs. that creeps on and then you have to take it back off, creeps on and take it back off, and I think that a lot of people go through that before the summer. They want to get a little bit more off because they know they have to put a bathing suit on, but what inspires me to take it off, it’s that bikini!”

I can understand that! Is your body ready to hit the beach, or are you still working a little bit? (Or saying, forget it, if you don’t like how I look, then don’t look at me? LOL) I was just saying that she looks great now! I bet she’s the only one who notices those five pounds.


Photos by FameFlynet