How Katy Perry Told Her Minister Parents About Her Song ‘I Kissed A Girl’

So how did Katy Perry tell her conservative Christian parents (who are both ministers) about her much-talked-about song ‘I Kissed a Girl’? She made her sister Angela do it. Angela said:

 “When Katy decided that ‘I Kissed a Girl’ was going to be her first single, I said, ‘Have you told mom and dad?’ And she said, ‘No, but can you?’ “

Katy’s father admitted he was worried in an interview for Katy’s upcoming documentary, ‘Part of me: 3D.’

“I was a little concerned, yeah, ’cause I thought my ministry after 30-something years is over. But, you know what? Never had a problem.”

Well that’s good to hear. It would hardly be fair for Katy’s parents to be judged, given that Katy’s an adult!


Photos by Teach/FameFlynet