Rumor: Are Avril Lavigne And Marilyn Manson Dating?

When it comes to rumors, it just don’t get crazier than this one right here! There are new reports that suggest Canadian chart topper Avril Lavigne is dating Marilyn Manson. Talk about odd pairing, right?

According to Star, the longtime friends “are suddenly romantic now that they’re both single.”

A source for the mag says, “Avril has been in Paris and Marilyn is on a European tour, so whenever he has a break he flies back to Paris to be with her. They’ve been hooking up and then Skyping when they aren’t together,” adding, “It’s not really serious yet, but they’ve definitely got a little love connection going on.”

According to both of their reps though, the rumor is 100 percent false as the two of them are not dating. Tell us, what do you think? Could you ever see Avril and Marilyn as a celebrity couple?


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  1. Schnikes says

    Manson is beyond desperate for any bit of relevancy now days. Hanging out with these talentless corporate/commercial creations like himself. First Lana Del Rey and now this?!?!

    Fitting as MM has always been a hack, a sad manufactured shock-factor persona he created by watching/listening to numerous talented industrial bands, then shamelessly stealing from them. Poseurs, all of ’em!