Kelly Osbourne Admits To Drinking & Has No Plans To Stop

kelly osbourne miss usa 2012

Oh boy. Kelly Osbourne, who’s been to rehab in the past, admitted to Radar Online that she’s been drinking again. She admitted it was true that she had gotten drunk on a plane recently, acknowledges that she’s using alcohol to cope with tough emotions (it was reading about multiple sclerosis on the plane that caused her to start drinking), and is open about the fact that she has no plans to stop drinking but also says she isn’t “using.”

“If in any way my life appeared unmanageable, if I wasn’t showing up to work, I seemed depressed, I was not a professional then I would say yes my life is unmanageable. I do believe alcohol is a gateway drug. I am a hypocrite for drinking, I’m not lying. I’m 27. I still want to have fun. I don’t believe in denying myself the life I want to live. I have to pay for the mistakes I make and I understand that.

“[Drinking on the plane] wasn’t even intentional either. I thought that I had already cried my way through [learning about her brother Jack’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis]. I realized it was the first time I was away from my family since we found out, the first time I wasn’t right next to somebody I had to keep my chin up for and I just lost it.”

On one hand, what Kelly’s saying makes sense. On the other hand, it’s such a slippery slope to fall into things becoming “unmanageable” and she’s clearly under a lot of stress (understandably so). I hope Kelly’s able to keep managing and get help if she needs it. Her family needs her right now!


Photos by FPA/FameFlynet