Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Celebrate Their 7th Anniversary- Apart?

ben affleck dines alone on his anniversary

With all the talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce, could another seemingly rock-solid Hollywood couple be experiencing some marital strain? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s 7th wedding anniversary was yesterday (June 29), and the couple were spotted out and about, but not together. Jennifer treated herself to a few things on a shopping spree, and Ben went out to dinner that night, but he reportedly dined solo.

I wouldn’t read too much into these pictures- maybe baby Samuel got sick or Jennifer was tired after shopping or Jennifer evaded the photographers. Hopefully Ben and Jen aren’t experiencing the seven-year itch: or if they are, then they find a way to work through it. Having a third baby has probably been quite an adjustment for them: it’s a change once you’re outnumbered!


Photos by Pablo/Goodwin/FameFlynet




  1. xxx says

    ur post is kinda mean, why r u saying something like that! maybe they had plans that u surely dont know about! grow up thats not something nice to say, and stop jumping into conclusions about stuff u know nothing about. 2 yrs ago they were photgraphed having dinner on the 28th, so maybe they already had their celebrations

  2. sara says

    Judging from the pics of ben, it looks like it wasn’t dinner because you can see daylight as he entered and left the restaurant. Maybe it was a lunch meeting.

  3. Natalie says

    They didn’t dine solo.You can see the pics at x17 ,they went out together.Don’t start rumors

  4. Kaylee says

    This used to be a really good site but now its just rumour-starting and muck racking. This post is hugely FALSE. She was there, just not in the photos you bought. For shame, INO, you’re slipping towards Perez’s level

  5. Captain Video says

    It seems that the media wants nothing more than to see this couple break up. This site is no different.

  6. Magan says

    it’s possible that they didn’t know that Jen was with Ben. It’s an easy mistake. Cute them some slack.