Kendra Wilkinson Defends Jessica Simpson

kendra wilkinson defends jessica simpson

Anyone who has had a baby knows how hard it can be to shed those post baby pounds, but none maybe so much as those celebrities who are forced to do so under the glare of public scrutiny. Reality star Kendra Wilkinson had her own struggles to lose the baby weight after she gave birth to son Hank Baskett Jr. which were well documented on her reality show, and now she’s coming to the defense of Jessica Simpson.
Kendra spoke to omg! from Yahoo! and said;

“I feel for her. I was in the same boat. People just need to mind their own business. That’s a woman who just gave birth. Her first priority right now is her child. Her first priority is not losing the weight. You should be proud of her for that. A lot of people just dump their kids off at nannies and lose the weight overnight. We should all be proud of her for being real and taking control and making priorities.”

Well I couldn’t agree more. I think it must be so hard for Jessica knowing that there are cameras constantly surrounding her waiting to see when she’s going to lose the baby weight, or waiting to snap an unflattering pic of her. Obviously looking at Kendra now – she’s pictured here posing for pictures while filming her show – shows that just giving yourself some time and losing weight the healthy way is the best way to do it. Kendra looks amazing! I have no doubt Jessica will get there when she’s ready.