Charlie Sheen Tweeted During Sex

charlie sheen tweeted during sex

Charlie Sheen quit twitter over the weekend. This little bit of news about his tweeting activities is sure to make his nearly eight million followers even sadder. Charlie use to tweet during sex. Bree, a woman who dated Charlie from January to April 2011, explained that a line of lyrics in her song ‘Hollywood D**chebag’ did indeed refer to Charlie Sheen. The line is: “He’s posting twitter tweets during sex with me.”

“Charlie discovered Twitter when we started dating, so we had some funny experiences. I thought of him when I wrote that lyric. Yes, he would tweet in bed. He was really excited about twitter. I wasn’t offended by it at all. I thought it was more funny than anything.”

Wow. Charlie’s tweets could be interpreted in a different light. So if Bree wasn’t offended, then why did she title her song ‘Hollywood D**chebag’?

“There’s bits of Charlie mixed in, intermingled with other guys I’ve had experiences with. It’s just supposed to be a light, funny song about Hollywood in general.”

Oh, okay. I have to say, if a guy started tweeting while we were having sex, I’d probably have to boot him OUT of the bed. What about you?