Janet Jackson “Furious” Paris Jackson Is Acting

janet jackson opposes paris jackson acting career

Janet Jackson is said to be “furious” about Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, getting into acting. Paris has a role in the movie ‘Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys’ and wants more roles, according to Us Weekly, but Janet is opposed. Janet’s concern is that this goes against the late Michael Jackson’s wishes. Michael wanted to keep his kids out of the spotlight and enjoy their childhood rather than work like he had. An insider told Us Weekly:

“She feels it goes against Michael’s wishes to keep his kids out of the the limelight until age 18. Janet thinks Paris should enjoy being a kid and possibly go to college. It’s a huge dispute!”

I’ve been wondering about this myself. Michael Jackson wasn’t shy about talking about just how much he missed being a child while he was working as a singer for The Jackson Five. He also went so far as to have his kids go out wearing masks to keep them from being photographed. Yet his family hasn’t been as careful as he was. Something tells me Michael would tell Paris the same thing Janet reportedly told her: “You’re only a child once.”


Photos by Lia Toby/WENN