Katie Holmes Is Broadway Bound

katie holmes is broadway bound

It looks like Katie Holmes is kick-starting her career again post-split! According to reports, the actress is set to return to the Broadway stage this fall in the production of “Dead Accounts.” The story itself revolves around a woman in her 30s living with her parents in Cincinati, who must now deal with the unusual return of her brother.

Though Katie stole the stage back in 2008 with her performance in “All My Sons,” playwright Theresa Rebeck is ecstatic to have the brunette beauty on board.

“It’s beyond cool, honestly,” said Theresa to The Wrap. “The whole team is lively as hell. I am positively tingling with delight.”

Tom’s obviously gotten back into the swing of things after signing the divorce papers, and now, it looks like Katie is too!


Photos by LIFE/Stefan Jeremiah/WENN