Kim Kardashian Hosts Midori Beachside Bash

kim kardashian midori beachside bash

Kim Kardashian hosted the Midori Beachside Bash at the Delano Beach Club in Miami. Kim knows what to do in Miami: party at the beach! I bet boyfriend Kanye West was there with her, although we don’t have any pictures of him on the red carpet. We saw them arriving in Miami together. What fun would Miami be for Kim without Kanye?

What do you think of Kim’s look here? The dress is pretty, and the pattern goes with the decor. It just seems a bit covered up for a beach party even if it does fit like a glove. Maybe the club has a strict dress code. Kim isn’t shy about posing in a bikini, so that’s not the issue. Well, Kim can rock anything and look great, and last night was no exception!


Photos by JLN Photography/WENN