Hot New Teaser Trailers: ‘Man Of Steel’

Once you’re over the end of the latest Batman trilogy, ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ you have a year to prepare yourself for a return for one of the most popular superheroes out there: Superman. The first two teaser trailers for the new Superman reboot, starring Henry Cavill, have just been released. The movie is called ‘Man of Steel.’ Although Christopher Nolan isn’t directing, it’s no surprise to see that he’s one of the producers.

If these teaser trailers are any indication, we’re about to see a much grittier Superman than we’ve seen before! The footage from each trailer is the same, I think. The voiceovers are different. Kevin Costner, who is Pa Kent in ‘Man of Steel,’ narrates the trailer above. Russell Crowe, who is Jor-El, narrates the trailer below. What do you think? I’m READY!