Jonathan Rhys Meyers The New Count Dracula

jonathan rhys meyers to star as count dracula

NBC is developing a new TV series based on the classic novel, Dram Stroker’s ‘Dracula.Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been tapped for the iconic role of Count Dracula. This TV show will be set in the Victorian period with a “look to the future.” NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt said:

“In the world of ‘Twilight’ and ‘True Blood’ and all the contemporised stories, we thought we’d go back to the original.”

The story will be set in the 1890s in London, and Jonathan’s Count Dracula will lead a “double life” as an American businessman trying to introduce modern science to Victorian society. He’ll also be plotting ways to exact revenge on people who ruined his life centuries early, but his efforts will be derailed when he falls in love. Hmmm… Sound interesting?


Photo by ANG/Fame & Visual/Flynet