Gwen Stefani Treats Kingston & Zuma To A Ride

gwen stefani hangs out with kingston and zuma

Gwen Stefani may have performed on ‘Good Morning America’ and be gearing up for a tour with No Doubt, but she’s still making time to have fun with two of her favorite guys, Kingston and Zuma. Gwen took Kingston and Zuma to ride the amusement park swings in Central Park. She looks like she had as much fun watching the boys as they had on the ride! It’s funny how that can happen as a parent, isn’t it?

It looks like Gwen plans to take Kingston and Zuma with her on tour. I’m not sure, though. I remember when Gavin Rossdale went on tour, Gwen stayed at home (in London) with the boys. Maybe Gavin will take the boys on Monday. Or the whole family could go on tour with Gwen. We’ll find out soon enough, given how often the paparazzi follows them around.