Jessica Simpson Gets Family Support For Weight Loss

jessica simpson's family supporting her weight loss efforts

Jessica Simpson is still working on losing her baby weight! In addition to the support of the Weight Watchers organization (whom she signed a multimillion dollar contract with to be their spokeswoman), Jessica is also getting support from her family. They’re dieting with her! Jessica’s mother, Tina, and her assistant, signed up for Weight Watchers with her.

“Jessica’s mom Tina Simpson is doing Weight Watchers, her assistant is doing it, people that work for her fashion company are doing it, Jess has enlisted everyone around her to try and lose weight.”

Jessica reportedly has one last “pig out” at her July 10th birthday party before she restricted her diet.

“Jessica’s birthday party was the final pig out session for her. All of the fried and unhealthy food was eaten by Jess for the last time. She is so serious now about losing the weight by eating healthy. Jess has really focused on getting back into shape and with her mom and friends and co-workers doing Weight Watchers she really thinks she’s going to be able to start quickly dropping the weight.”

I still think Jessica’s worrying about this too soon: she only had Maxwell three months ago! Well, as long as she’s being healthy, that’s the important thing.