Rumor: Kristen Stewart Might Be Pregnant

The rumors just keep on getting juicier with the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders affair! The new rumor of the week is that Kristen is scared silly that she might be pregnant and – gasp – she doesn’t know who the father is! Considering that she was dating Robert Pattinson and hooking up with Rupert, it could be either of the two.

This week, Star claims Kristen is trapped in a “Pregnancy Nightmare,” fearing she “may be pregnant — but doesn’t know who the father is!” According to a so-called “friend” of the actress, “Kris is sick with worry because she missed her period.”

The editors of Star Magazine are really trying to milk this scandal for all that it’s worth, right? What do you guys think? Could Kristen possibly be pregnant?


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. bri says

    well considering that STAR magazine is the LEAST reliable source of celeb info out there other than the Enquirer I’ll go with no this is fake.