Liam Hemsworth On Miley Cyrus, Exercise, Addictions

liam hemsworth on miley cyrus, diet, and exercise for hunger games

The Hunger Games‘ star Liam Hemsworth spoke on a wide range of subjects when he sat down with Men’s Health magazine! He talked about his fiancee, Miley Cyrus, workouts, and his addiction (hint: it’s one many of us share).

On his fiancée, Miley Cyrus: “An extremely strong, intelligent, supportive person.”

On his grueling workouts with a Navy SEAL and following the Paleo Diet to prepare for his role in The Hunger Games: “My character was spending most of his life in a state of hunger, and I wanted to get a sense of that, physically and mentally.”

On training for The Hunger Games: “I literally had to wait a half hour after each session before I drove anywhere, I had to lay on the ground until I could breathe properly again.”

On changing his diet to prepare for The Hunger Games: “It was tough because I’m an eater. If I have one addiction in life, it’s probably food.”

On the occasional Krispy Kreme binge: “You gotta get, like, 24 and eat all of them. I lose my mind. Go crazy. Krispy Kreme fever!”

Yeah, I TOTALLY get the Krispy Kreme fever bit! Those 24-hour drive thrus are my downfall- LOL.


Photos by FayesVision/WENN