Tom Cruise Treats Suri Like Cinderella

tom cruise treats suri to a night in disney world's cinderella suite

Tom Cruise is earning some serious “cool dad” points with Suri! Tom took Suri to Disney World for vacation. For one evening, they spent the night in Cinderella’s castle. This suite cannot be booked by guests for any amount of money: Disney decides who stays there. Lucky for Suri, Tom was able to get Disney’s permission.

The suite is designed to resemble a 17th century bedchamber features a 600lb antique limestone fireplace which uses fiber optics to create a fire with glowing embers, 8ft tall headboards displaying C for Cinderella and a painting of the Disney princesses that magically transforms into a television. The bedchamber leads to a private sitting room where there are stained glass windows telling the story of Cinderella, while the garden themed bathroom boasts a night sky full of twinkling stars.

It also has a private elevator and 24-hour concierge. What a treat! I bet Suri had a ball. Previous guests to stay there include Kevin and Danielle Jonas, who celebrated their first wedding anniversary there in 2010.