Tyson Beckford: Stripped

tyson beckford talks to the underwear experts

Okay, so I don’t have any pictures of Tyson Beckford stripped (I know you’re disappointed- LOL) but he opened up to The Underwear Expert. Get it: Underwear Expert- Stripped? Here are some excerpts:

What was it like mentoring ‘Next Top Model': Some of them, they think they know everything. You know what I mean? It’s tough to try and teach them something. But when you get one, you know, that’s willing to listen and learn, it’s like a fresh canvas. You see them learning and you see them growing and you see them becoming better and that’s, if anything, that to me is more rewarding than anything else, you know?

What else is Tyson up to these days? Well, this summer I’ve been doing a lot of charity stuff–I just came off the Kiehl’s LifeRide for amFAR where we raised $115,000—and just basically doing little things here and there, nothing really serious right now because it’s summertime. I try to keep my work light in the summer. In the fall I plan to get back on some script writing and movies and modeling and all this stuff that I’m used to doing.

I’l have to keep an eye out for some of Tyson’s projects!


Photos by Mark Wilkins/FAMEFLYNET