Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Grab Some FroYo In Hawaii

kim kardashian and kanye west grab some frozen yogurt in hawaii

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still going strong and are spending some vacation time in Hawaii.  The couple hit up a local frozen yogurt shop for a sweet treat before heading back to their car.  Earlier this week the couple debuted their promo for the upcoming MTV Music Awards.  Looks like Kimye isn’t going anywhere any time soon! Who knew that these two would last so long?

Kim is also rumoured to be getting ready to talk babies with Kanye too!  She is rumoured to be going off her birth control pill so that she can get pregnant.  Well I guess if you know, you know, right?!  I have a hard time picturing these two settling down long enough to have a baby, they seem to be quite the jet setting couple.


Photos by Zeus/Apollo/FAMEFLYNET




  1. Kristin says

    Really Kim?? You’re wearing a dress and heels on vacation in Hawaii?? Give me a break.