Ryan Gosling Films ‘Gangster Squad’ Reshoots

ryan gosling films reshoots for gangster squad

Ryan Gosling had to put the suit back on to film reshoots for his movie, ‘Gangster Squad.’ I know ‘Gangster Squad’ trailers had to be pulled from theaters after ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ shooting. The ‘Gangster Squad’ had a scene of someone opening fire in a theater. I wonder if the studio decided to take that scene out altogether, so they needed another big action sequence to replace it?

Regardless, I won’t complain about getting to see more of Ryan in a suit. He looks really good dressed up! Between this movie and ‘Lawless,’ it looks like a lot of period pieces are coming back to the big screen. I have to admit, those movies usually aren’t my favorites, but it really depends on the plot.