Update: Leann Rimes In Rehab To Cope With Twitter Cyberbullying

I’m sorry y’all, but I am not believing one ounce of this story. Back in November after I wrote an article for another gossip site about how Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were allegedly making it hard for Brandi Glanville to see her two boys for Christmas (following one of her Twitter rants), Leann pretty much came after me on Twitter from no where, giving me this whole statement on how it’s all a misunderstanding, blah blah blah and blah blah blah. Personally, I’ve never seen a celebrity so obsessed with their public image and thought it to be rather weird for her to be tweeting about everything and nothing practically every ten minutes of the day! Seriously, that woman has to hold the record for the most tweets ever on the social networking site.

Well now Leann has given an exclusive interview to Celebuzz saying that she is in rehab to not only deal with her stress and anxiety but to cope with the cyberbullying that she’s been dealing with for the past two years. Cyberbulling? Are you kidding me? The moment I wrote that one post about her, she and her “close Twitter friends” basically ganged up on me for days trying to convince me to pull my post down. While I have no doubt that Leann needs some help, the first thing she should probably do is delete her Twitter account because not only is she obsessed with it, but she also has a very unhealthy approach to using it, too.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to this story than she cares to tell us, but I’ll be honest that I’m not buying it one bit. The moment her 30 days are up in rehab, she’ll be back Twittering up a storm and instagramming Twitpics of her in bikinis and talking about how great her marriage is. Her team really needs to step in and help her out the right kind of way because her image is hurting big time, IMO. Whatever happened to the sweet Southern girl who used to sing some of the greatest country hits from back in the day? Practically every guy I went to high school with had a big time crush on her then, before the whole L.A./Real Housewives makeover that she’s had going on since she’s been with Eddie. I think we all kind of miss the old Leann, don’t we? Let’s hope she gets back to focusing on what she does best, meaning she should just work on making great music instead…. and definitely delete that Twitter account for good.

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  1. NYC81 says

    Okay I read this site almost daily but never comment. I had to today. You give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt and seriously you are overly diplomatic most of the time (which is actually why I like the site). Today though you finally called it like it is on this story. I am just so proud of you- well done!

  2. sam says

    Great article!

    You should send your story to Celebuzz and TMZ, who are heavily promoting that Leann is the victim in all of this. There are tons of stories just like yours, yet Celebuzz and TMZ are pushing that Leann is the victim in all of this.

  3. amused says

    she is now suing the twitter person she claims is bullying her even tho that person has a private acct and has been blocked by LR for a long time. they have had no contact at all. it was LR who called her (got her number from another twitter follower she took to lunch. she does that, meets up with strangers that bully brandi and takes them to lunch.
    she completely lied about everything in the lawsuit filing as well. LR called this person in a public place, had her on speaker phone and started the convo with “okay bitch you have 5 minutes to say what you want to me”, that is why she was recorded. she was setting this whole stress thing up for her lawsuit all along.

  4. BrandisFansAreNotInnocent says

    Leann is a victim, because all Brandi’s fans do is harass her day in and day out, 365 days a year. There is a lot of evidence that they harass Leann’s fans as well, so Brandi’s fans deserve to be exposed, every single one of them. Get a life of your own and leave Leann be!

    • sam says

      Why are Leann’s fans so dense? Leann and Mr Stein are trying to build a case that Leann is being bullied on twitter and what does Leann’s fan do? He goes to various sites making nasty comments about the BBs and makes even more threats. Now do you think that this is good for Leann in anyway?

      Why do Leann’s fans always post the “Get a life” post when are stealing people’s names to makes posts, opening up several twitter accounts to stalk Brandi, and making threats like what you just did.

      The only one being exposed is Leann and her fans. Leann gave Celebuzz and TMZ false information. Leann called the teacher. And this happened not because Leann was trying to be nice but because Leann couldn’t deal with the backlash that happened as a result of what she did on a balcony while on vacation with Brandi’s kids.

  5. Cam S says

    I’m NOT a Brandi fan, and think that trick Leann is getting everything she deserves. What a JOKE that Leann is the REAL cyber bully (weweinlove)- and she is whining that she is being bullied. Next thing you know, she’ll be mad at the mistress sleeping with her husband!

  6. kat says

    There is a sweet turn-around in that LeAnn herself started this in 2009 by encouraging her “TweLees” to harass Brandi Glanville by lol-ing and “:-)” her most vicious followers’ tweets. At the time, Glanville had less than 50 followers; so Rimes probably thought she’d crush that older woman like a bug.

    That’s why the Brandi Bunch exists, you know. They were random people who noticed that the TweLees were attacking Glanville on twitter, and chose to put themselves between the older woman and the bullies. Now it seems Rimes and the TweLees are trying to drag Glanville down again; trouble is… Glanville is not involved with the so-called Brandi Bunch. The TweLees got their hands on the personal information of a Brandi Bunch member in 2010 and Rimes used it to take legal action. Glanville doesn’t direct the Brandi Bunch – she doesn’t need to. Rimes and the TweLees poked the BBs enough to keep this feud going awhile.

  7. jenjen says

    Dear violators of the first amendment (freedom of speech): The constitution and every member of our nations military, present and past, have defended our rights as American citizens -this includes right to form and speak our own opinions.
    it’s amazing that time after time, after time (!!) there are stories about Leann’s crack-tweets and bullying and there are still people in full fledge denial defending her. Seriously -how many different people need to come forward and admit to being harassed by Leann and her minions, before the minions get a freaking clue?!?!!??? You are supporting a person that does not deserve support. The dark evil side of fame has gotten ahold of this poor child and now she’s just a shell of a person with nothing better to do then to torment others….
    God Bless America!!

  8. sam says

    Just a warning, on a particular site there are LeAnn fans who are posing as Brandi supporters or BBs. They have gotten away with this for so long that they scammed the site into thinking that they are legit!