Zac Efron Hits The Venice Film Festival

zac efron at at any price photocall

Zac Efron looked as dashing as ever on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival! Zac’s new movie, ‘At Any Price,’ is showing there. This is the photocall. We’re going to be seeing a lot of Zac over the coming months. He has his movie ‘The Paperboy‘ to promote (it premiered at Cannes). Then we’ll be seeing him at some point to promote ‘At Any Price.’

According to IMDb, ‘At Any Price’ is about “an enterprising farmer whose plans cause problems within his family.” Heather Graham and Dennis Quaid co-star. I’m keeping an eye out for the trailer. Zac really seems to be focused on making quality movies rather than the cookie-cutter commercial films, so this movie could be interesting.