Robert Pattinson’s Sisters Will “Kill Him” If He Reconciles With Kristen Stewart

robert pattinson's sisters will "kill him" if he takes kristen stewart back

Whoa! Robert Pattinson has two fierce sisters! Radar Online reports Robert’s sisters, Lizzy and Victoria, are completely opposed to Robert reconciling with Kristen Stewart. Lizzy and Victoria are said to have told Robert:

“Don’t even think about getting back together with Kristen Stewart!”

A source explained:

“Robert’s sisters were fuming with Kristen for hurting their brother in the way she did. Lizzy and Victoria feel terrible for heartbroken Robert, especially because of the embarrassment that was caused by the manner in which the affair was exposed.

“They’ve told him that there’s no way he can take Kristen back after what she did to him. It’s a case of once she’s cheated, what’s to stop her doing it again and Lizzy and Victoria are pretty unforgiving over Kristen’s actions. Instead, they believe Robert should embrace singledom, throw himself into work and not consider settling down with anyone until he’s ready. They will kill him if he gets back with Kristen.”

Goodness! Well, it’s good to hear Robert has some fiercely protective family members behind him- LOL. At this point, I have to say, I’ll be very surprised if Robert and Kristen reconcile. Then again, stranger things have happened.