Kristen Stewart Thanks Her Fans

kristen stewart glad to see her fans

You have to give Kristen Stewart. She may have opted to promote her film ‘On The Road’ at the Toronto International Film Fest over promoting ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ at the VMAs last night, but Kristen did everything expected at a premiere, including giving interviews and signing autographs. I wouldn’t have blamed Kristen in the slightest for just posing for some pics and fleeing inside the theater!

Fans were at the ‘On The Road’ premiere with signs saying “Talent, Beauty, Strength and Courage — We stand by Kristen always,” and “We are always with you Kristen Stewart.” Kristen told MTV about the fans waiting for her with supportive signs:

“Dude, I’m really happy that they’re here for ‘On the Road.’ I think most of them were fans before I had anything to do with [‘Twilight’], which is why they’re here anyways, so it’s awesome.”

I’m sure it’s a huge relief to Kristen to finally have that post-scandal appearance out of the way. To be greeted with supportive fans is a huge bonus! I thought she handled herself well at the ‘On the Road’ premiere. Hopefully this is a good sign for what’s to come with all the upcoming ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ hoopla.



Miley Cyus Dishes On Wedding Plans & Work (New Album!)

miley cyrus dishes on wedding plans & new album

Miley Cyrus showed off a very different look last night at the VMAs! It was fitting that Miley introduced Pink during the show. Miley looks like she could be Pink’s sister with that hair coloring and hairstyle. Miley opened up to the press about her wedding plans and work while on the red carpet.

“I’m really excited to obviously get married, but I kind of already feel married. I know we are forever. I don’t really need the paper right now, so I’m just really trying to work.

“I’ll have a single out this year. This is the first time I get to tell people about it, so I’m really excited! I’m really proud of the album. It’s my favorite thing I’ve done probably ever. It’s all really different.”

This is the first new album Miley’s had in a few years. I’m sure her music fans are thrilled! Miley also talked about her pretty radical makeover.

“It’s so easy. The only thing that’s hard is that it’s the only thing that people want to talk about. People are like, ‘Oh, I didn’t recognize you!’ I’m like, ‘I know, but I love it, and it’s really me and it’s good.”

Miley certainly has changed up her look, but I can see where it’s much more low maintenance! Are you a fan?


Photos by Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET

Hot New Trailer: ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

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If you didn’t get a chance to watch MTV’s VMAs last night, then I’ve got one of the most highly anticipated moments of the evening: a NEW trailer for the final movie in ‘The Twilight Saga,’ ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2.’ YES! Are you ready for November to arrive, already? LOL

Some are saying Robert Pattinsonunderwhelmed” at the VMAs last night in his casual attire. Kristen Stewart rocked the red carpet at the premiere of ‘On The Road,’ on the other hand. While I agree Kristen looked great, I think Rob’s critics missed the point. No one cared WHAT he wore. People just wanted to see this new ‘Breaking Dawn’ trailer!

Kristin Chenoweth Explained Accident

kristin chenoweth talks about accident on live with kelly & michael

Kristin Chenoweth made her first public appearance since being injured on the set of ‘The Good Wife’. She had to be rushed to the hospital. Kristin explained what happened on ‘Live with Kelly & Michael.’

“Well, I’m doing so much better than I was. Bascially a big lighting thing … fell and hit me. Knocked me out, knocked my face and slammed me down to the ground. … The back of my head got hit on the curb. …I had a skull fracture, rib issue and neck issue and a hip issue. I’m issue-ridden, but I’m getting better.

“I wear my neck brace on and off,” and she patted the back of her head, “This is healing. I couldn’t really form a sentence really well fter it happened. I’m the queen of multi-tasking. I’m not so good at that right now. I’ll be like, ‘Mom, are you talking on the thing that you push, the phone.That’s been interesting, but that’s getting better. I’m grateful. It could have been so much worse.”

It sounds pretty bad- goodness! Kristin said she gained a couple of pounds from all the gifts she was sent by concerned well-wishers. It sounds like Kristin has more important things to worry about than a couple of pounds. Hopefully she continues and fully recovers.


Photos by Claudiorodriguez/FameFlynet

Carson Daly Welcomes A Daughter

carson daly welcomed a daughter

The Voice‘ host Carson Daly and his girlfriend, Siri Pinter, welcomed a baby girl last night. In light of the many years Carson worked for MTV, it’s fitting his daughter would chose the night of MTV’s VMAs to make her worldwide debut- LOL! Carson made the announcement on his Facebook page.

Tonight at 5:15pm we welcomed the latest addition to our family. Etta Jones Daly weighs 8lbs and is beautiful! Mom was a rockstar, Jackson James is a proud big bro, and dad’s drinking a cold one. Praise God.

LOVE the name Etta James! Etta joins big brother Jackson, who is three and a half. Siri (a food blogger) was ready for this baby regardless of any other big events: she reportedly ate a Maternity Salad on September 4 that’s supposed to induce labor. Hmmm… ate it on September 5, delivered September 6… the salad could’ve done the trick.


Photos by Michael Wright/WENN

What Are Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Pet Names For Each Other?

brad pitt & angelina jolie have pet names for each other

I’m not sure I believe this story from London’s paper The Sun, but here goes: a source tells  the paper Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are very openly affectionate around each other. Angelina and Brad supposedly even have pet names for each other. Angelina calls Brad “Kitty” while Brad calls Angelina “Miffy.”

“Brad and Angelina are very lovey-dovey towards each other and don’t care who sees it.”

I have a hard time Angelina calling someone “Kitty” and an even harder time imagining Brad being okay with it! Same for Angelina being called “Miffy.” But who knows what goes on behind closed doors? Now here’s something I can believe: how Angelina and Brad settled on the name Shiloh for their daughter.

 “It’s a name I always liked. I used to go under it in hotels: Shiloh Baptist. I’d gone under it when Brad used to call hotel rooms I was staying in.”

Now that’s believable!



Khloe Kardashian Frontrunner To Host ‘X Factor’

khloe kardashian frontrunner to be new x factor host

Khloe Kardashian reportedly is the frontrunner to be the new host for ‘X Factor.’ Khloe is said to have impressed the powers that be with her screen test, including executive producer Simon Cowell. Simon also reportedly thinks Khloe will draw in younger viewers. A source told TMZ:

“There’s at least an 85% chance she’ll get the job.”

Eighty-five percent chance: not bad odds at all! Would you like to see Khloe as the new host for ‘X Factor’? The Kardashians are going to take over the planet eventually!