Juliette Lewis Has A Night Out In Hollywood

As my 2-year-old son would say, “Oopsy Daisy!” “Natural Born Killers” star Juliette Lewis looks a little worse for wear as she and a friend were spotted going to the movies at The Arclight Theatres in Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday night. Hey, the girl likes to party!

Could you imagine if Brad Pitt never met Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie and instead made things last with Juliette (I’m sure you know by now that the two used to date, right?). Well, from what we hear it was Juliette’s connection to Scientology that was the deal breaker between the two but could you imagine if the two were still together today? OMG would they be Hollywood’s most eccentric couple, right? Plus, Juliette would never let anyone steal her man! She’d fight both tooth and nail and then some.


Photos via FameFlynet

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