Selma Blair & Jason Bleick Split

selma blair & jason bleick have split up

Selma Blair and her fiance, Jason Bleick, reportedly have split up. They have one son together, Arthur, who’s 14 months old. A source claims Selma and Jason “were fighting non-stop.” So Selma and Arthur moved into an apartment in Venice Beach for the time being. They’re close to Jason so he can visit Arthur.

“Jason spent some quality time with Arthur recently. He met Selma at a restaurant, then took Arthur for a walk on the beach.”

It sounds like Selma and Jason are trying to keep things stable for Arthur. Good for them! Selma said she was recently offered a reality TV show but turned it down.

“You have to do it all to make a living, unless you are Cate Blanchett. You have to write five books and come out with a line of socks. I got approached to do a reality show now so long ago. I decided I’m too much reality for anyone. I don’t have the gaggle of goofy friends, and you have to do a lot of branding.”

It does seem like actors increasingly are branching out beyond acting to earn a living. You can’t blame them, though. Typical careers in the entertainment industry don’t last that long, so it makes sense that you would earn as much money as you can while you can!


Photos by NAV/FameFlynet