Lindsay Lohan Filmed Sex Scene With Charlie Sheen

lindsay lohan films sex scene with charlie sheen

Rumor has it Lindsay Lohan gave the ‘Scary Movie 5‘ producers quite a time with just showing up to the set. Lindsay apparently balked once she realized her cameo included spoofing herself. The ‘Scary Movie 5‘ producers reportedly had to threaten her with a lawsuit to get Lindsay to show up.

Now that Lindsay is on set, she’s filming her scenes. One of those scenes reportedly includes a sex scene with Charlie Sheen. A source told the Post:

“Charlie and Lindsay filmed a love scene. The scene they were shooting for the movie was of them in bed together.”

The source added that they even “shared some playful pillow talk during shooting”, commenting: “They were ad-libbing. They were joking that they’ve both had a lot of issues over the past couple of years.”

Maybe Charlie helped Lindsay become comfortable with the fine art of self-deprecation? Lindsay supposedly even wore and S&M collar for the scene. Goodness!