Sarah Ferguson Defends Kate Middleton In Topless Photo Scandal

If there is anyone who knows a little something of what Kate Middleton is going through right now, that would be Sarah Ferguson. The former Duchess, who was also caught in her own topless photo scandal two decades ago, is speaking out and defending Kate, calling it a total invasion of privacy.

“I have total empathy and sympathy for her. I have been there and know what it’s like,” she said Sunday via Daily Mail. “Everyone is entitled to privacy. It is a devastating invasion of one’s personal inner space. It is deplorable, abhorrent and despicable.”

“She is a beautiful young woman doing a great job for the country,” Fergie added about Middleton. “Why should she be stripped of that moment with her husband?”

And you know what, I agree with Sarah. She’s royalty and the wife of the future King of England and does deserve a little bit more respect than what she’s getting. It’s not like she was laying out topless at a beach or some sort of public place, instead she was at a private estate in France. And plus, who likes tan lines? LOL. Sheesh, let’s give the girl a break!


Photos via FameFlynet