Amanda Bynes Moves To NYC

amanda bynes moves to nyc

Amanda Bynes has left LA for the east coast: NYC, to be exact. At least Amanda’s in a city where public transportation and cabs are readily available, since she can’t drive at the moment. An insider explained Amanda’s relocation to Radar Online:

“Amanda isn’t required to be in court so she has gone to New York City, and says she plans on making it a permanent move. Amanda is adamant that she is retired from acting and wants to begin a new life in New York as a fashion designer. Amanda thinks she can live a more normal life on the East Coast and won’t be hounded by the paps.”

Amanda reportedly has completely cut off contact with her family, and both her family and friends are said to be worried about her right now.

“[They] are extremely concerned about how she is handling the media glare during this very difficult time in her life right now. Amanda has always been a very private person, and it’s bothersome for her family to read sensational headlines about her that just aren’t true. Yes, Amanda’s life is in a very precarious state right now, but false stories about her aren’t helping the matter.”

What false stories? It seems like the concern should be Amanda’s behavior! Whether Amanda’s in LA or NYC, I hope someone can persuade her to get some help.