Julianne Moore Robbed Of More Than $170,000 Of Jewelry

julianne moore had $170K of jewelry stolen

OMG! I’m sure Julianne Moore is SICK right about now. The New York Post reports Julianne had more than $170,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her West Village apartment. Ten pieces of jewelry were stolen sometime between June 6 and August 28. Seven of the jewelry pieces stolen were from Cartier. The most expensive piece stolen was a $33,000 Cartier platinum diamond tennis bracelet. Four Cartier watches, worth a combined $77,800, were also stolen.

Construction was being done on Julianne’s West Village apartment this summer. Approximately 15 to 25 workers had access to the apartment during the project. Julianne spent the summer in Toronto, filming the horror movie remake ‘Carrie.’ Her husband declined to comment when the Post reached him by phone. Julianne must be heartsick!