Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver Do Lunch- Separately

arnold schwarzenegger & maria shriver do lunch separately

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were each spotted having lunch out but not together. Arnold was seen grabbing some lunch with friends. He seems to be in high spirits after finishing the promotional tour for his memoir, ‘Total Recall.’ I don’t know how it’s selling, but the snippets I’ve heard (I haven’t read it) haven’t left me too impressed. Are you planning on reading it? I’m guessing Arnold’s fans don’t care about his infidelities.

Meanwhile, Maria Shriver had lunch with their daughter, Catherine. The mother-daughter duo were seen leaving the Brentwood Country Mart after eating there. She seems to be doing well as the revelations from Arnold’s memoir hit the media. I’m not sure what I’d be doing in her shoes, but Maria seems to be handling it all well.


Photos by Malone/FAMEFLYNET & WENN