Tori Spelling Missed Her Daughter’s First Year

tori spelling missed first year of daughter's life

Yesterday we heard about Tori Spelling’s struggles with her pregnancy with her fourth child, Finn. It was a TOUGH pregnancy. Tori’s life was in danger, and the pregnancy was at risk for having to be terminated! Yet there was another difficult outcome from Tori’s pregnancy: with four months in the hospital and extensive bed rest, she wasn’t able to be around Hattie much for her first year (Tori got pregnant one month after giving birth to Hattie).

“I feel most guilty about Hattie. I basically missed the first year of her life. I’ll be trying to make it up to her forever. She spoke her first word ‘dada’ when I was away and she started crawling.

“She would visit but I couldn’t hold her. I still can’t because of my latest surgery. I haven’t held her on my own since she was five months old. I’m constantly worried about what our relationship will be like. Even now if she falls it’s Dean she reaches for not me. She doesn’t even know me.”

Talk about ripping out a mother’s heart! But it’s not like Tori just didn’t feel like being bothered; she couldn’t take care of Hattie. Luckily, Tori will get a chance to spend more time with Hattie once she recovers from her surgeries to re-close her C-section scars.