Kris Jenner Saved Khloe Kardashian’s Deal For ‘X Factor’

kris jenner saved khloe kardashian's x factor deal

Kris Jenner showed just how effective of a “momager” she is by saving Khloe Kardashian’s deal to co-host ‘X Factor.’ TMZ reports Khloe’s deal was about to fall through because Fox and E! entertainment couldn’t work out a deal for Khloe to work on both networks. When Kris heard Fox was about to throw in the towel, she:

“stepped in over the agents … over everyone” and forced both networks to sit down with her and hash out a deal … which they eventually did.

As one source puts it, “She just knows how to make sh*t happen.”

I think we already knew that with the success of the Kardashian reality TV empire, but this is just more proof! Are you excited to see Khloe host ‘X Factor’? I think she’ll be great.