Michelle Trachtenberg and Kaylee DeFer on set of Gossip Girl

We’ve been getting a lot of Gossip Girl cast sightings all over New York City as the filming season heats up. But these shots of Kaylee DeFer from yesterday in Midtown might be some of the red-hottest so far. DeFer’s character Charlie is cousin and on-off rival to the lead, Blake Lively‘s Serena. Kaylee shows in this hot red mini dress and patterned tights that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Also spotted on set yesterday was Michelle Tracthenberg, who quickly covered up her costume between takes in a huge black puffer coat from head to toe. With surprisingly cool temps in New York this month, the GG cast has been freezing on set for months. Hey, at least the cold doesn’t affect any of that perfect hair!


Photos by Stefan Jeremiah/WENN.com