Ciara Premieres New Video in Times Square

R&B starlet Ciara was looking starry-eyed herself as she filmed the video premiere of her new track “Got Me Good” at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square yesterday. From a massive silhouette cut-out of the singer to the actual video premiere, which was showcased on one of those famous Times Square screens, this was a major moment for Ciara. It was also her 27th birthday; what a way to celebrate!

The starlet was so appreciative of her fans who came out to watch the video and celebrating, at one point outstretching her arms in their direction in thanks. She also pulled a very cute move when she whipped out her camera to take photos of the crowd. It’s clear that the black bandaid mini-dress wearing star was living a dream last night; these pics capture her energy and grace.


Photos by Nector Marmolejos/