Hot Couple of the Day: Mena Suvari & Salvador Sanchez

Actress Mena Suvari and her much shorter boyfriend Salvador Sanchez are our hot couple of the day. They were spotted out and about in NYC this week looking happy as ever. The press has called Sanchez “pint-sized” and ridiculed Mena for choosing a guy so unpredictably her “type.” We say, go for it Mena!

There is a definite cool factor to any guy confident enough to date a taller woman, so hats off to Sanchez for knowing he’s good enough for the willowy blond It Girl. Furthermore? We think their coloring and her girl-next-door appeal juxtaposed with his heavily tattooed look make for a totally cute contrast.

Mena has Tweeted a ton about her guy, including a romantic TwitPic of the two a couple months ago. Mena, if you’re happy, we are!


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