Are David & Victoria Beckham Moving To NYC?

david & victoria beckham may move to nyc

It looks like the Beckhams are happy in the United States, but they may want to try out the other coast! David and Victoria Beckham are currently based in Callifornia. Now rumor has it they may be planning a move to NYC. A source claims:

“Everything is up for discussion at the moment. David may well choose to stay at his team LA Galaxy, or he may leave and retire from football. There are big conversations to be had.

“Victoria is keen to move to New York to set up her business there and open her first store. She looked at a school while she was there. There are also business opportunities for David, too.”

Then again, I may have spoken too fast about the Beckhams staying in the States. Apparently, a trans-Atlantic relocation back to their native London hasn’t been completely ruled out.

“London would suit Victoria because that is where her design studio is and, as a family, they love the energy there. But it would be a big move and lifestyle change for the children and David and Victoria aren’t sure they’re ready to make that sacrifice. Ultimately, David has to decide what he wants for his future and how that affects his family.”

Hmmm… if David does decide to retire from soccer, I could see them living in NYC. That’s probably a tough decision for him to make. Victoria’s fashion line is growing! But with Sandy doing her worst, they may want to wait a few months before making that move.


Photos by Miguel/CPR/Sasha/FAMEFLYNET