Katie Holmes Awkward Halloween Encounter

katie & suri's awkward halloween encounter

Katie Holmes had an awkward encounter at New York City restaurant Mr. Chow Tribeca over the weekend. Katie and Suri were seated at the table next to a group of people dressed up for Halloween. For Halloween, these people were inspired by Katie’s pre-divorce situation.

One was wearing a “Free Katie” t-shirt. Another was wearing a “Save Suri” t-shirt. Someone else was dressed up as a young Tom Cruise from his ‘Top Gun’ days. Once the people saw Katie and Suri sitting down, they covered up their t-shirts before Suri could see. Katie reportedly saw them but said nothing. Talk about AWKWARD. What are the odds, even if you live in New York City, that you would dress up like that and actually encounter Katie and Suri? Good for Katie for keeping her composure!


Photos by Teach/FAMEFLYNET