Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Make No Moves To Divorce

demi moore & ashton kutcher make no move to divorce

Demi Moore announced her plans to leave Ashton Kutcher a year ago. Yet neither one has made any moves to formalize their split by getting divorced, according to TMZ. Sources close to Demi and Ashton claim:

Sources connected with the couple tell us … neither Ashton nor Demi have given their lawyers any indication they want to file for divorce.
We’re also told — contrary to several reports — Demi and Ashton are not haggling over money and who gets what.  There have been NO discussions about dividing assets.
It’s unclear why neither of them has gotten off the dime to end their marriage — but they haven’t.

At this point, Ashton seems to have moved on with Mila Kunis. And Demi has been out of the hospital for a while. I can’t imagine these two didn’t have a prenup, but you never know. Well, divorce just isn’t a pleasant thing to have to do. I guess if neither one is in a hurry to marry again, then there’s no rush to formally get divorced.