Jennifer Garner Hangs Out With Her Little Man

jennifer garner hangs out with samuel

Jennifer Garner spent some one-on-one time with her youngest, baby Samuel. This is one mom who STAYS on the go. We see Jennifer taking Seraphina out to breakfast. She runs Violet all over the place. Then she has to make time to hang out with hubby Ben Affleck.

I’ve seen Jennifer pampering herself, too. It’s a good thing she takes the time to do that or this woman would be dead on her feet! On the work front, did you get a chance to see Jennifer’s latest movie, ‘Butter’? I was SO looking forward to it, but I missed it! I’m going to have to catch it on Netflix.


Photos by Stoianov/FAMEFLYNET

Bradley Cooper Talks ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

bradley cooper promotes silver linings playbook

Jennifer Lawrence is off shooting ‘The Hunger Games sequel,’ which is called ‘Catching Fire.’ This means promotion for the movie ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘ falls to Bradley Cooper. Bradley seems to be the star of the movie anyway, so that works out. Here he is talking to ‘Extra’ about his new movie at the AFI Fest.

Bradley’s looking a little different these days. His hair is definitely longer than we’re used to seeing it. He’s sporting some stubble. I wonder if this look is for an upcoming role or if Bradley’s just taking a “relaxed approach” to his looks these days. Do you prefer the more clean-cut Bradley or this slightly scruffier look?



‘Modern Family’ Shoots In LA

modern family shoots in la

The ‘Modern Familycast is hard at work in LA. Looks like they’re cheering on Manny (Sofia Vergara’s character’s son) at a Little League game (except for Jay- LOL). Look at the gallery for close-ups of Sofia’s facial expressions. Hilarious! I love her and Ed O’Neill together on the show.

Then again, I like all the characters on ‘Modern Family.’ Last season was okay, but this season has had me laughing out loud again. It can’t be easy to keep a show funny and fresh, but they manage it! What do you think of ‘Modern Family’ this season?


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Reese Witherspoon Hangs Out With Her Mom

reese witherspoon hangs out with her mom

Here’s Reese Witherspoon with her mother, Betty Witherspoon. I bet Betty’s come out in LA to meet her new grandson and spend some time hanging out with her older grandkids! Reese and Betty were at a race track to cheer on Deacon.  Deacon stays busy with his athletics!

Reese looks so happy these days, doesn’t she? Well, anyone who’s been pregnant knows what a relief it is to NOT be pregnant anymore- LOL. But more than that, I bet Reese is just enjoying the time with baby Tennessee and with the rest of her family. She truly seems to have found happiness again with Jim Toth. It’s great to see.



Emma Stone Stops By A Pal’s Place

emma stone stops by a pal's house

Emma Stone was again seen stopping by a friend’s place. I wonder if it’s the same friend? If so, maybe Emma should invite the friend to visit at her place! ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ star seems to be one of the actors who genuinely doesn’t like paparazzi attention, and the paparazzi seem to have honed in on this location.

Emma’s low key in her skinny jeans and sweater. Love that red purse with the purple sweater! And I wouldn’t mind adding that jacket to my wardrobe, either. It’s great for in-between weather: when you need a little something to ward off the chill but nothing too heavy.


Photos by Stoianov/Dmac/FAMEFLYNET

Kristin Chenoweth Arrives At LAX

kristin chenoweth arrived at lax

Kristin Chenoweth was spotted arriving at LAX. She looks good! I’ve been worried about Kristin ever since she was injured while filming a guest spot on ‘The Good Wife.’ I saw her when she visited ‘Live with Kelly & Michael’ a few weeks afterwards. She talked about trying to remember the names of basic things (like cell phone) right after her accident. Some piece of lighting or something hit her in the head.

Even then, I remember thinking if Kristin was well enough to give interviews, then her recovery was probably going well.Hopefully my assumption is accurate! Kristin looks great as she made her way out with her four-legged kid. LOVE her boots, too. Her sense of balance is good to be able to wear those.


Photos by Crown/BJJ/FAMEFLYNET

Jon Hamm’s Back In The Suit For ‘Mad Men’

jon hamm filming mad men

Jon Hamm is done shooting in paradise! Here he is back in his suit, filming ‘Mad Men‘ in Glendale, California. Jon may have been in Hawaii for work, but I bet it was still nice. There’s no saying you can’t mix business with pleasure.

Jon probably would’ve been okay with having ‘Mad Men’ spend the entire season in Hawaii- LOL. Can you believe this is the final season of ‘Mad Men’? I think it’s far better for a show to go out on top rather than keep making episodes if the people behind the camera can’t think of anything else to do creatively with the show. ‘Seinfeld’ was smart for doing that. Will you miss ‘Mad Men’ or do you think it’s time for the show to end?