Ben Affleck Takes His Girls to the Farmers Market

It really doesn’t get much cuter than a dad out on the town with this little ones. When the dad is Hollywood heartthrob Ben Affleck and the kids are his two daughters with wife Jennifer Garner, the cuteness factor is through the roof. Ever since the girls’ baby brother was born earlier this year, both parents have made a major effort to do things alone with them to remind them how special they are. Yesterday was no exception.

Affleck played super-dad as he held hands with his girls Violet and Seraphina and took them through the farmers market. He bought them little treats and even appears to have picked up some flowers for their mom. As always, this mega-celebrity did his best to blend into the crowd. In a casual blue plaid shirt and jeans, he looked like any other dad on a Sunday outing. His two girly-girls, of course, wore dresses.