Kim Kardashian Clears Up Wedding Rumors

kim kardashian denies wedding and baby plans

We’ve all been hearing the rumors about Kim Kardashian’s plans for a $20 million wedding to Kanye West. Kim also reportedly is eager to have Kanye’s baby. Us Weekly got to ask Kim directly about the rumors. She denied all of them, saying, “I’m still married, technically.” Kim said she’s in a great place, though.

“I feel more confident and more wise after this years. It’s like you get to a place and you just know what you want.”

One of Kim’s friends, though, is more forthcoming.

“Kim thinks they’ll get engaged and try for a baby once the divorce is final. Kanye is actually being very patient. After the backlash from ending her 72-day marriage with Kris, Kim would never get engaged until everything was properly handled. There are no wedding plans, period. She and Kanye are taking their time. That’s the truth.”

Now THAT makes complete sense to me! At this point, I will be surprised if there isn’t a Kim-Kanye wedding once Kim’s divorce is finalized.