‘Revenge’ Films In Downtown L.A.

revenge filming in downtown la

Are you watching Revenge this season?  I am kicking myself because I haven’t watched and I have no idea what’s going on but when I see pictures like this I totally wish I was watching again! I watched most of last season but just lost track of it this year!  Please tell me it’s no good and I’m not missing anything?:)

Real life couple Josh Bowman and Emily Van Camp were spotted filming for their show in downtown LA today and by the looks of it their characters are heading out for an evening shoot.   Josh was looking super handsome in his dark suit while Emily was lovely as always in her red halter dress.  I think I just might have to tune in this week to figure out what is going on!






  1. angie says

    You are not missing much. They made everything more confusing this year. the storyline has become toooo twisted. They should have stuck with their ways of last season.