Usher Cut In Line To Vote Early On Election Day

While some of us out there were waiting a good few hours to cast our vote on election day on Tuesday, it looks like some celebrities got a free pass to skip their place in line. According to reports, it looks like Usher was allowed to skip the wait and vote ahead of everyone else, upsetting fellow voters at the Bill Johnson Community Center.

According to local TV station WSBTV, Fulton County election officials escorted Usher through the back door of the venue, allowing him to cast his ballot before others who’d been waiting their turn.

He also reportedly took a cell phone picture of himself in the voting booth, typically prohibited by Georgia state law unless a poll manager has granted consent. To be honest with you, this is kind of a lose-lose situation. Because if Usher did wait in line with everyone else, imagine all the chaos that would ensue with his fans begging him for pictures and autographs. But on the other hand, his celebrity status did save him a few good hours of time. What do you guys think should have been done here?


Photos via FameFlynet