Katie Holmes Goes To Work Then Hangs Out With Suri

katie holmes works & eats out with suri

Katie Holmes was seen making her way into the Music Box theater. She had a matinee performance for ‘Dead Accounts.’ I’m loving that dress she wore going in. If you don’t have Katie’s legs, you could always wear leggings or even tights with it.

At some point in time Suri was brought to the theater. The mother-daughter duo left together after the performance. They went out to eat with friends. Suri looks adorable in her dress and matching coat!



Rihanna Is A Chanel Fan

rihanna is a chanel fan

Rihanna is clearly a fan of Chanel. Not only is the ‘Diamonds‘ singer a fan of Chanel, but she’s a fan of Chanel Paris. At least, I assume that’s the message we should take away from those sunglasses. Rihanna’s also wearing Chanel boots.

Both the sunglasses and boots are fun. I WANT the coat, though. Love the lapels! Rihanna has some fun, style-wise, here. Topping her outfit with a baseball cap makes her look a little bit more edgy. Are you a fan?



Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli Reunite For Soccer Games

jennie garth & peter facinelli watch kids' soccer games

Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli may have split, but they put their differences aside yesterday. Peter joined Jennie to cheer on Lola and Fiona. Both girls had games yesterday. Their oldest daughter, Luca, was clearly glad to see her dad. She stuck to his side for the entire game and left with him (or at least walked him to his car)!

Did you know Jennie is a certified soccer coach? According to London’s The Daily Mail, she is. She seemed very hands-on with Fiona’s team. Maybe she’s one of the coaches?


Photos by Premiere/CPR/FAMEFLYNET

Jessica & Ashlee Simpson Greet Their Fans

jessica & ashlee simpson sign autographs

Jessica Simpson and her sister, Ashlee Simpson, held an in-store autograph signing event at the Macy’s in the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California. Jessica and Ashlee look like they enjoyed the event as much as their fans surely did! Jessica’s looking great. She’s maintaining her post-baby weight loss: good for her.

And Ashlee opted for a very sophisticated, mature look. On one hand, I think Ashlee looks gorgeous. But it seems a tad bit matronly for her. Ashlee can go for chic and sophisticated without aging herself. Yet she does look great! What do you think?


Photos by Miguel/FAMEFLYNET

Cameron Diaz At TAG Heuer Link Lady Launch

cameron diaz tag heuer link lady launch

Cameron Diaz stunned on the red carpet last night. This was the launch for the newest TAG Heuer line of watches: Link Lady. As you can probably tell by the name, they’re designed for women. I don’t even wear watches anymore- I just rely on my cell- but if I did, I’d want a TAG Heuer. Look at the watch Cameron’s wearing. Gorgeous!

Have you seen the Link Lady collection? I have to say, I think I might have something to add to my Christmas wish list. Even though I typically use my cell to keep time, I’d love wearing one of these on my wrist. They’re prettier than a lot of bracelets!



Soccer Parents: Reese Witherspoon, Jim Toth & Ryan Phillippe

reese witherspoon, ryan phillipp & jim toth at deacon's soccer game

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth were joined by Reese’s ex, and Deacon’s father, Ryan Phillippe. The trio hung out on the sidelines watching Deacon play. At one point Deacon ran over to them. It looks like he hurt his wrist, which was already in a cast. Ouch.

It’s good to see Reese, Jim, and Ryan all able to come together to support Deacon. I’m sure it means a lot to him! Hopefully Deacon didn’t hurt his wrist too badly. I’m guessing he didn’t since they stayed instead of heading to the hospital or an urgent care clinic.


Photos by Martin/FAMEFLYNET

Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley At Whole Foods

katherine heigl & josh kelley shop at whole foods

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley had a low-key Saturday afternoon. They stopped by their local Whole Foods to stock up on some groceries. Naleigh and Adelaide must have been at home with a sitter. It’s one of the little-known truths about parenting: sometimes a trip to the grocery store becomes fun because it gets you a few moments of QUIET – lol.

Katherine and Josh seem like one of the most down-to-earth couples in Hollywood. It’s kind of weird because there are definitely stories out there that suggest Katherine can be a bit of a diva, between what happened with ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ I think she’s just very honest about her opinions. Sometimes it’s impolitic to be so honest, but it can also be refreshing, don’t you think?