Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley At Whole Foods

katherine heigl & josh kelley shop at whole foods

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley had a low-key Saturday afternoon. They stopped by their local Whole Foods to stock up on some groceries. Naleigh and Adelaide must have been at home with a sitter. It’s one of the little-known truths about parenting: sometimes a trip to the grocery store becomes fun because it gets you a few moments of QUIET – lol.

Katherine and Josh seem like one of the most down-to-earth couples in Hollywood. It’s kind of weird because there are definitely stories out there that suggest Katherine can be a bit of a diva, between what happened with ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ I think she’s just very honest about her opinions. Sometimes it’s impolitic to be so honest, but it can also be refreshing, don’t you think?






  1. Alan says

    Katherine is awesome. Never has a person been more vilified unfairly than her for just expressing an opinion. Very unfair.