Photo Of The Day: Tom Cruise In “All You Need Is Kill”

When I first saw this new photo still for Tom Cruise‘s new film, “All You Need Is Kill” I couldn’t help but think that Tom is making the same face I usually make after eating some really bad Chinese take-out. Talk about Mission Impossible. I mean, I can understand him really getting into character and all, but… I think I’ve seen better Tom Cruise promo shots, LOL!

From what we’re hearing, the movie is supposed to be some version of “Groundhog Day” combined with an alien invasion; that is, Tom plays an inept military officer in charge of fighting off an alien race, and his character dies in battle only to wake up the next day and be forced to do it all over again. It kind of sounds like “The War Of The Worlds,” but with even more aliens in it, right? LOL. What do you guys think?