Heidi Klum Arrives at LAX

Well, Heidi Klum has been quite the jet-setter recently! But this international beauty can’t stay away from the States too long. Shortly after finishing up her stint hosting the EMA’s in Germany, she was back on a plane. Last night, the glamorous starlet was seen returning to the US on a flight at LAX in Los Angeles.

Stars tend to play it very low-key at LAX for fear of being sidetracked by crazy fans. But Klum found a perfect balance between comfy and glam in an on-trend oversized sweater, fedora, leggings and large headphones resting around her neck. And of course, her makeup-free face was flawless. What a hot mom!

This is one of our favorite Heidi looks. What do you prefer — pared down, or all dressed up?



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